Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Resin...Second Phase

Okay, so here I go. Making a horrible mess! I've learned some things from this first experience....It's impossible to pour resin from these cups into teeny molds without dripping no matter how careful I am. So....for my next step I will be using a bottle with a tip on it. I also learned that the gloves I bought are not thick enough for resin. I took my gloves off and my hands were coated with it, so I immediately washed then two or three times. Yikes!

I managed to get them all filled about 1/2 way and cleaned up the molds from drips.

Then I used the heat gun to get rid of the bubbles. It works great and I would highly recommend getting one. It's hard to see the resin as it is clear. I added some color to a few and also some glitter just to see how it would turn out.

I'm going to leave these covered out in the sun until it goes down and then I will bring them in and put them up for drying in a warm, dry spot.

After they dry, I will get some of the cutouts that I did and put them on top of the resin and cover it the rest of the way. Hopefully, it will turn out!