Monday, January 30, 2012

My Day Off - Pool Party Birthday Cake DIY

I know this is normally my jewelry site but I'm on my day off and I want to step away from the jewelry fro a break.  I hope you don't mind.
I did this about 5 years ago but my newly addiction to Pinterest has inspired me to blog a DIY. I found the recipe for the cake in a Women's Day magazine that summer and we were having a pool party for my daughter so I thought this would be sooo cool!    I used to make all kinds of cakes for my daughter because she just loved something unique and I loved being creative.  I've made Barbie cakes and numerous shapes, etc. but this one was the biggest hit.  Please remember that 5 years ago I was not as good with photography so the cake doesn't look as great in the pics. 

Here is the pic of the completed cake.  I'll start with what you will need.

Cake, any size and it's easier if it is already iced.  I cheated due to time and went to Food Lion and bought one already decorated in the colors and edging. 
2 boxes of blue jello
Decorations of  your choice.  I found the beach party toys in the little girl's barbie section in Wal-Mart.  Be creative!  Make it  your own with your cool ideas.
Chewing gum (I used fruit stripe)
Rings (you can usually fing these in the candy section at just about any store but I found mine at the dollar store)
Gummy Bears
Twizzlers or licorice
small paper plate
knife and scoop or spatula

Start with making your pool. 

There are two ways you can do it.  With both ways you will need to make the jello the same.  Use the jigglers recipe on the back.

This is how I made mine:
1. Decide what size you want your pool to be.  It doesn't have to be deep in the cake because it's more visual anyway.  About an inch deep is all you will need.   I used a small paper plate and cut around the outside edge with a knife.  Once I had my guideline, I started in the middle of my circle scooping out small portions of my cake.  You can be real particular and make the bottom of your pool perfectly smooth but it really doesn't matter because if you get at least an inch down, you won't be able to see it.   Once you get your hole cut out for the pool, put your cake in the freezer or fridge while you're mixing up your jello so it will get nice and chilled.  (If it is too warm, the jello doesn't do as good.)  Mix up your jello using the jigglers recipe on the back of the box.  Put in fridge just long enough to chill it but not long enough to set up.  About 10 mins.  Just check it because that part is kind of foggy.
Take your cake and jello out of fridge and pour into your hole.  You probably will have some jello left over if you made a small hole like this one but you can always put it in the fridge and eat.  Better to have some left over than not have enough! 
Place back in fridge until it has completely set.  Overnight would be great but when I did mine, I didn't have that much time.  At least a few hours.

OR...#2 you could make the jello in a dish the shape you want your pool to be in, let it firm up and cut the hole and sit the jello down in it.  I was afraid it would break up when I tried to transfer it so I didn't. 
When it has set, take it out and decorate.  I use chewing gum for the diving board, twizzlers as the edging, and the sand was made with yellow sprinkles.  You could also use those little umbrellas that you put in drinks.  I was out at the time.   
You could also use teddy grahams and made bathing suits on them with icing. 
Voila!  You're done!
Note:  I do remember that it was a really hot day and we didn't have a cooler for the cake so we had to eat it pretty much as soon as we started the party. 
Good luck and feel free to post me your pics or ideas when you make yours.