Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Tree of Life gets an upgrade...

I have had such a wonderful response to my family tree design that I decided to create an upgrade. A lady asked me if I could make a family tree with the same design so I had her give me her information and I did a sketch to see how it would look. When I got done, I was trying to decide how I would distinguish the people and it came to me. The birthstone ring that my mom has from years back that we all saved up to get her for mother's day one year. So, I decided to fill the holes with birthstones. It worked! They look great and I have came up with so many different versions and styles, no two could possibly be the same.
I will be running a Mother's Day special with them this year. Check my website to see!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cell Phones....why do we have to have them...???

Cell phones. I'm trying to remember exactly when I got one. How did I survive without it? I did just fine. I went all through school, moved away from home and lived in a large city (at least I thought it was when I moved there) Greensboro, had a child up to 4 years old and moved back to Jefferson...all of these transitions without a cell phone or even wanting one.
I was thinking about this today when I was standing in line at the local cell phone company after waiting "forever" to get the next representative so I could have them look at my daughter's constantly needing repair cell phone and fighting with another customer. (you can read more about this after the next paragraph)
Why have we become so dependent on them that we are suckers to pay this outrageous fee, buy the latest and greatest phones that have just hit the stores, sign a 2 year contract to get them cheaper, pay for insurance to hope they won't tear up, only to regret it before we even walk out the door and our phone is already out of date and not working properly?
We were next in line, had been standing there for over 30 mins and a woman weaseled her way in front of us and just started talking to the representative. Trying to be a good Christian went out the window and I immediately said in a strong tone, "Excuse me but I believe we were next". To get an idea of what I was talking to she had on 3 inch stilettos, skin tight jeans that I know she had to lay down in to get them on, a wig that was streaked black and white (yes, like a skunk), false eyelashes with rhinestones on them, and was insanely popping her gum with her mouth open. She was probably 5 inches taller than me and honestly acted like everyone else should have parted the red sea when she walked in. I had already had enough of listening to her constant sighing and gum popping and I was already on the verge of saying something even before she jumped in front of me.
Then she had the nerve with her sarcastic tone to tell me that she needed to see a supervisor and this lady was it. I told her we were next and she could see her when we were done. She started in about how she didn't mean to disrespect me and that I could "come on up here and do my thang". Well, I didn't get on up there and do my thang but I did tell my daughter that she could speak to the representative now. What makes people think that their time is more valuable than ours?? Anyway, she just kept telling my daughter that she didn't mean to disrespect and called her sweetie.
To get back to my point...why do we go through this only to have yet another phone in addition to the one at our home and work so we can be more accessable to talk. Yes, I carry one and will continue to carry one but I just don't know how I got stuck in this have to have a stupid cell phone....
Oh and by the way...the problem that my daughter was having with her cell phone....didn't get fixed because it didn't do it while she was there so we walked out with the same problem we walked in with. Hmmmm....
That's my story and I'm done. Thanks to anyone out there who reads this and understands.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A special pearl necklace for a special bride

I'm so excited to share my news!! A special piece of jewelry I created for a wedding made it to the cover of a local magazine, "All About Women". A wonderful customer of mine, Jama, came to me for a unique and vintage piece of wedding jewelry to wear on her special day. She showed me her dress and gave me some insight as to what she was looking for. After sketching and creating in my head, I came up with what became the perfect pearls! I searched for a brooch with history. Finally, I found one that a lady had purchased from a little antique store in Paris and she was selling. I purchased it and carefully removed the pin from the back and recreated a beautiful focal piece for the necklace. I added to strands of pearls to it with one coming to the back. To complete the set, I made simple post pearl earrings. With a bride as gorgeous as she is, anything more would have been too much.
Her lovely mother, Teresa, wrote in to the local magazine about her special day and was kind enough to mention me. She wrote more about my piece explaining the special qualities of it, however, they edited that part out.
I'm still thrilled that I was mentioned and more thrilled that Jama is on the cover. She is a wonderful person and beautiful. So deserving!
With that said, if anyone would like a special piece created for them on that special day, I'd love to work with you.