Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Well, it's official...I have decided that UPS has some problem with me and does not want me to get my packages.  Within the past 5 months I have experienced delayed delivery of 4 overnight packages that I paid dearly for.    The 3 earlier in the year were due to weather.  The crazy thing is that my store is directly on Main Street and through out the day I see numerous UPS trucks zipping by.  On one of the occasions that I didn't get my overnight package, my sister that lives in Crumpler and has a driveway that is a nightmare in snow managed to get her regular ground package.  Still I didn't.  I ended up making arrangements to drive down to Wilkesboro and pick it up myself or risk losing customers. 
My question is...when you know that they are calling for 10 inches of snow and you probably won't be able to finish your route, do you not look though your packages and make sure that the people that paid for overnight or 2 day air get theirs first since they obviously need it or they would not have paid dearly for it???  I just don't understand.
Today was no different.  Except there was no explanation...just no package.  Well, I'm sick of it.  The 3 earlier in the year did not give me a refund because of the increment weather "clause".  So I lost so much money on those.  Especially when I had to use my gas and borrow a 4 wheel drive to get down the mountain to Wilkesboro.   I wonder what the "clause" will be for this one and will I get my $52.00 back?  Probably not.  If I'm lucky it will come tomorrow or the next day and there will be no "I'm sorry" or anything.  Just please sign here. 
So if there is anyone out there that has experienced the same problem...PLEASE speak up!