Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A special pearl necklace for a special bride

I'm so excited to share my news!! A special piece of jewelry I created for a wedding made it to the cover of a local magazine, "All About Women". A wonderful customer of mine, Jama, came to me for a unique and vintage piece of wedding jewelry to wear on her special day. She showed me her dress and gave me some insight as to what she was looking for. After sketching and creating in my head, I came up with what became the perfect pearls! I searched for a brooch with history. Finally, I found one that a lady had purchased from a little antique store in Paris and she was selling. I purchased it and carefully removed the pin from the back and recreated a beautiful focal piece for the necklace. I added to strands of pearls to it with one coming to the back. To complete the set, I made simple post pearl earrings. With a bride as gorgeous as she is, anything more would have been too much.
Her lovely mother, Teresa, wrote in to the local magazine about her special day and was kind enough to mention me. She wrote more about my piece explaining the special qualities of it, however, they edited that part out.
I'm still thrilled that I was mentioned and more thrilled that Jama is on the cover. She is a wonderful person and beautiful. So deserving!
With that said, if anyone would like a special piece created for them on that special day, I'd love to work with you.