Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pierce's Ballgame

My 9 year old son, Pierce is a pitcher in the minor leagues. We are so proud of him. He had a game today and is now at 56 strike outs for the season. I just had to put on my bragging hat a little. :) Here is a pic of him pitching. He told me that he just closes all the noise out and can't hear a thing. I have to admit, he is pretty consistant with each pitch. People actually come just to watch him pitch. Maybe we'll be parents of a pro someday! Never know....

He had a slow start with hitting. No matter what he did, the ball just would not make contact with the bat. He finally got a taste of it when he hit a really good pop up at the last game and now he is unstoppable. Hi hit a line drive today and it was awesome.
Today he made it home with a slide. I just happen to get a picture of it. The grin on his face was unforgettable when he came into the dug out. I was so glad to see him finally get to home. I know he was too.
AND HE'S...........

Resin...First Phase

Okay...I finally got to start on my project last night. I decided to save some product and steps by doing several at a time. So.....I got a little carried away with papers and clips and stamps, etc. I went through all my scrapbooking supplies, stickers and anything that I thought would be cool as a charm, pendant, etc. under resin. This is what I ended up with.

Yes...I know....I got a little carried away but I figured that if I went ahead and did alot then they would be ready for my next project. You have to do two coats of Modge Podge on each side so that when the resin is poured over it, it doesn't soak in. I have accomplished two coats on one side and one coat on the back side. I'm now waiting on those to dry for the last coat. I should have that done sometime tonight. Meanwhile, I am going to go ahead and pour the first coat of resin in the molds. I'll take a pic of that when I get them completed today.