Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pierce's Ballgame

My 9 year old son, Pierce is a pitcher in the minor leagues. We are so proud of him. He had a game today and is now at 56 strike outs for the season. I just had to put on my bragging hat a little. :) Here is a pic of him pitching. He told me that he just closes all the noise out and can't hear a thing. I have to admit, he is pretty consistant with each pitch. People actually come just to watch him pitch. Maybe we'll be parents of a pro someday! Never know....

He had a slow start with hitting. No matter what he did, the ball just would not make contact with the bat. He finally got a taste of it when he hit a really good pop up at the last game and now he is unstoppable. Hi hit a line drive today and it was awesome.
Today he made it home with a slide. I just happen to get a picture of it. The grin on his face was unforgettable when he came into the dug out. I was so glad to see him finally get to home. I know he was too.
AND HE'S...........

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