Thursday, May 22, 2008

Resin Supplies are here!!

I'm so excited! I've received my supplies to start work on my resin jewelry. My first project is going to be a gift for my nephew. I have a teeny lock of hair that my sister snatched when they weren't abuse was not involved..hee hee. Check out the adorable little fella....

I'm going to make a resin charm with his lock of hair and then take a pic and do picture transfer on metal for another charm with his birthdate on it. I'll show you my results.....well...if they turn out ha ha. That or I'll be telling you what I did wrong.....
It will take me two days to complete so I'll post each day to show you my progress.
I have to stain the deck this I won't start on it till this afternoon.
I must go to work on the deck now so I'll post later..have a great day! It's beautiful and sunny here.

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