Thursday, January 6, 2011

Family Spiral Necklace

My family spiral necklaces are one of my special designs.  I love making these.  It forces me out of my comfort zone and challenges me each time.  Each one is carefully made by using a 20guage piece of sterling silver sheet metal.  A spiral is drawn on the metal with a sharpee pen, then cut with a jeweler's saw.  This is not an easy process because you still have to file and cut more out because when you go back to stamp the names, it spreads and overlaps where you have cut.  There is a lot of filing and buffing with this project.  This is when I'm very thankful for my Foredom Flex Shaft.  Each one is special to me.  I add the birthstone before or after the name based on your specifications.  Birthstones can also be left off and a design added in it's place. This necklace is $56.00 with the sterling necklace.  Special bails with Swarovski crystals or cz's can be added for an additional cost.  This is a great gift for that mother or grandmother for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day.  It can also be stamped with a special saying or verse instead of names.  Feel free to contact me with your order.

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