Friday, September 26, 2008

Long Time - No Post...Resin Cont'd

So sorry for the long time without posting. Alot has been going on but still no excuse. I thought I would be good about keeping it up but "life" got in the way.

The great news is that the economy has not hit my business yet as I have still been just as busy as always. In fact, I think I'm selling more. Alot of people tell me it's because my prices stay pretty much the same and are still affordable. I do try to keep expenses down so I can give the savings to my customers. I know I need to make money to stay in business so I don't give it all away but I also don't multiply the cost out the roof either.

Anyway...I have some new items to show you and I have also been working on some tutorials upon request and will be posting those as well.

I decided the Resin experiment wasn't for me for quite a few reasons. Number one: I'm not patient enough for all the processes you have to do and Number two: it's something I have to do outside because I don't have very good ventilation in my basement studio. The weather just doesn't hold out long enough around here to do things like that. Number three: I'm just a metal kind of gal...ha ha!! I just love metal and gemstones and lampwork understand (I hope).

So...with that said I'm selling off the lot of items I purchased to do this. It's a long list but everything you need to get yourself on the way to some really gorgeous resin jewelry. I put about $250 or more in it if you included all the things I bought to drop in the mix and little this and thats at Michael's and AC Moore. I've decided to sell it all including shipping for $175.00 so if you're sure is a great way to get started.

Here is the list of Items Included:

Resin (2 part epoxy) 1 gallon each minus 1 cup (each gallon)
4 resin molds with spray on mold release/conditioner
Glitter diamond dust .50 oz
Glitter Metallic mixes multi
Glitter Metallic mixes brass
Glitter metallic mixes copper
Glitter prisma tallics fuchsia
Opaque pigments 1 oz in the following colors (these will last a long time) Never used any but pearlscent (can't even tell I used it, 2 drops), Black, blue, brown, green, pearlscent, red, white, yellow
I got all the primary colors so they can be mixed to make secondary colors
Resin finishing spray
High Quality Embossing Heat Tool: Used for getting the bubbles out of the resin and smoothing it out without moving anything.
(I used this one time)
Book: The Art of Resin Jewelry by Sherri Haab - $19.95 value. read one time. Very helpful to make resin jewelry.
2 bottles with tips to easily pour resin into molds
I also will add any extra items I bought from Michaels to do these like brushes, stir sticks, cups, gloves, decorative papers, etc.

Feel free to drop me a line if you're interested. I'm not going to leave you hanging so here are some pics of the final results after they cured:

I have to admit....for my first time, I think they turned out pretty darn good. I know the pic is not that clear but if it was you could see how cool they are. By the way....I'm selling this lot of resin cabs on Etsy as soon as I can get them uploaded so if you see anything you would like for one of your jewelry designs....give me a shout!

Well, it's late and I have to get some things done before hitting the hay. I can't wait to show you my new jewelry. Thanks to Deb Wiess...I have some awesome turquoise to show you.


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