Monday, March 9, 2009

My "Tree of Life" Pendant

I love how this pendant turned out. I made this by accident. I created this last year and was really proud of it but had no takers. It was the funniest thing. I decided to change the chain to some 4mm fancy jasper and few silver balls and put it in my store and bam! I had orders right and left. I am so thrilled! No two are the same as I do not use a pattern. I can also create one with the number of members in your family. The unique thing about this tree is it has a daytime side with flowers open and blooming and then when you flip it over, you will see the nighttime. I intentionally left the back side oxidized and slightly buffing it and the shadows left around the tree looked like the night. You also notice that the flowers are gone. You can purchase this pendant in many gemstone necklace choices, leather or on a silver chain. The cost is very reasonable starting at $20.00.

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